The IISS has warned against the sharing of unauthorized intelligence (File photo)

The Institute for Intelligence and Strategic Security (IISS) is cautioning security personnel against unauthorized disclosure of classified intelligence and security information.

Speaking in an interview with ATV Asem Dika program, Ag Director IISS, Nana Dr. Sadiq Adu-Twum, expressed serious concern about

this development, noting that personnel engaged in the conduct posed greater threat to national security than the external extremist groups, adding that such leaks will enable extremists to change their modus operandi.

Dr Sadiq Adu-Twum, while making reference to a press statement issued by the Institute on the recent leak of a national security intelligence meant for specific security authorities, explained that documents marked “confidential”
are part of a class of documents which must not be disseminated to unauthorized persons.

The Institute for Intelligence and Strategic Security remains committed to upholding high ethical and professional standards in the intelligence and national security domain. As an independent professional, non-partisan non-governmental organization, IISS is dedicated to promoting professionalism and professionalization within the field of intelligence and national security.

Source: IISS Communication Bureau