Governance Structure

IISS - Governance Structure

The Institute is made up of an Advisory Council and Secreatariat. The Council is made of various experts in the intelligence and national security profession, including practitioners, academics, researchers, and national security lawyers. The Institute is run by a competent management.

Advisory Council

IISS is advised by a seven-member advisory council, comprising a chairman, director of the Institute, and five other members with extensive professional or academic experience in intelligence, national security, law enforcement and criminal justice at least one of whom must be a woman. IISS also has at its disposal independent consultants and subject matter specialists within the intelligence community, academia and project development who offer technical advice and expertise to the secretariat.


  • Director
  • Directing Staff and Head of Training
  • Chief Research Officer
  • Chief Policy Analyst
  • Chief Information Technology Officer
  • Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Principal Officers

The Director is responsible for effective operations and administration of the Institute. He is responsible for implementing policies and providing leadership and direction on Institute’s core mandate and shall be responsible to the Advisory Council.

The DS/HT is responsible for general administration and leads IISS training and professional development program. He is responsible for developing high quality training content and professional programmes and short courses to meet the needs of members of the national security community and persons seeking careers in national security and intelligence. The DS/HT shall in partnership with similar organizations develop and maintain a mentorship program for upcoming intelligence and national security professionals.

The CRO is responsible for IISS’s multi-disciplinary research into critical areas of intelligence and national security, and is responsible for developing and leading, providing leadership and direction for the Institute’s research team in accordance with established standards.

The CPA undertakes independent, objective, and professional analysis of government policies and developments bothering on national security, intelligence and defence and, shall be responsible for developing policy briefs, bulletins, and early warning reports periodically to reflect current developments in the national security sector. The CPA is assisted by competent analysts.

CITO reports directly to the Director and is responsible for providing I.T solutions for the effective and efficient running of the Institute. He shall deploy and maintain latest IT solutions for effective communications within IISS.

Under the direction of the Director, the CCAO plays important role in cultivating and maintaining healthy relationship between the public and the Institute. The CCAO, subject to direction of the Director is responsible for external communications and public relations. Notwithstanding this, the Director shall from time to time designate an appropriate officer to play this role in relation to a specific matter of public interest.