Institutional Partnership

The size and diversity of global intelligence means no one professional body can represent the whole sector. There are currently professional bodies specializing in various segments such as signals intelligence, law-enforcement analysis, intelligence analysis, cyber and more. Representations from the intelligence profession are collectively recognized as the intelligence community. Intelligence functions across several organizations such as government, industry, academia, non-profits to name just a few require networking with a host of domestic and international bodies of similar nature, as well as with the public sector, in order to solidify its institutional footprint and enhance the operational interface between critical components of the public and private sectors.

IISS maintains and continues to build and strengthen its collaborative efforts of partnership with organizations and stakeholders including government, corporate organizations, academic institutions, research institutions and professional bodies, geared towards harnessing the expertise and contributions of stakeholders in addressing challenges to national security in Ghana and beyond. IISS’ core values of Integrity, Independence and Objectivity (2IO) shall guide its partnership drive.