IISS member network brings together professionals from across the intelligence and national security community – government, industry, and academic leaders-to collaborate and share insights and ideas that enhance our national intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities and strengthen national security. Our network provides government with an external source for unbiased perspectives and provides industry with an influential voice with the intelligence community leadership and agencies.

The Institute develops and maintains professional partnership and institutional collaboration, mobilizes expertise and faculty from the intelligence academia and professional bodies to deliver high quality professional intelligence education, training, and capacity building for both practicing professionals and upcoming practitioners. This includes security short courses and professional programs in the intelligence and national security disciplines.

The Institute’s membership is open to everyone with genuine and patriotic interest in advancing the course of peace and security and enhancing professionalism in the field of intelligence and national security. Membership categories exist for prospective members.

Membership Categories and Benefits

Membership shall be open to everyone with genuine and patriotic interest in advancing the course of peace, security, and stability in the sub-region and beyond.

IISS maintains membership categories to interested members who shall, pursuant to satisfaction of IISS membership requirements, be admitted into the applicable membership category.

Membership Categories

These are professionals who have distinguished themselves in professional field of security and intelligence. Senior public and corporate officials who have contributed significantly to the intelligence and national security discipline through field practice, consultancy or academia shall be admitted as Fellow of The Institute for Intelligence and Strategic Security (FIISS). Fellowship is conferred upon approval of IISS Advisory Council

These are professionals who hold professional certifications or membership recognized by IISS. The Institute shall in partnership with relevant professional or accreditation bodies run professional certifications and courses in intelligence and national security for members to acquire professional membership of IISS. Membership shall be subject to satisfaction of IISS professional membership requirements and rigorous assessment criteria for certifications or admission into professional membership category.

A member is anyone irrespective of field of study with passion and interest in national ssecurity and intelligence discipline. Members are admitted upon satisfying Institute membership requirements. Members may undertake IISS professional security programs and courses to attain professional membership.

Students pursuing degree or diploma programmes in recognized academic institutions in the areas of intelligence, security, criminal justice or law maybe admitted as student members subject to satisfaction of student membership requirements.

Membership Benefits

Benefits range from recognition as member of a professional body and enhancing member’s professional image, reduced rates or discounts at IISS events, training and conferences. Other benefits include job referrals and recommendations. IISS shall develop innovative membership packages for all member categories.


Internships are a great opportunity for students to develop knowledge, skills, and relationships in a real-world setting.  An internship can help put career goals into perspective, give students the resources to accomplish their career goals, and bridge the gap between the college and the professional world.

Interns participate in a variety of activities that support individual programs, including research, writing and project development. In addition, interns will participate in programs offered by the in-house leadership development program at IISS.

IISS offers full-time and part-time internships for undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates who are interested in gaining practical training and experience in intelligence and national security.


IISS provides opportunity for upcoming intelligence and national security professionals to develop relevant experience and knowledge in critical intelligence and national security disciplines. The opportunity is open to recent graduates and students studying intelligence and national security related courses at undergraduate or postgraduate levels. Selected students or fellows will work under the mentorship of IISS faculty with expertise and backgrounds in civilian intelligence, military intelligence, foreign policy, or national security. This program will provide an opportunity for students to support groundbreaking research on Ghana’s intelligence processes and foreign policy efforts, with the goal of developing sustainable national security and intelligence programs to educate and inform a diverse cadre of students and upcoming practitioners. Research Fellows will conduct deep area studies research on regions of critical and emergent significance to Ghana’s national security.

Code of Ethics

IISS maintains an enviable strict code of discipline and professional ethics. All members shall be required to adhere to the Institute’s code of ethics and professional standards. IISS reserves the right to impose sanctions, including revocation of membership for failure to observe and promote its core values and ethics including acts of omission or commission that is detrimental to the image and integrity of the IISS.

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(+233) 54 552 0613 / 54 829 0244 / 037 209 9133 /​

P.O. Box 2327, Achimota-Accra Ghana West Africa

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