Code of Ethics

IISS maintains a strict code of discipline and professional ethics. All members shall be required to adhere to the Institute’s code of discipline and professional standards. IISS reserves the right to impose sanctions, including revocation of membership for failure to observe and promote its core values and ethics including acts of omission or commission that is detrimental to the image and integrity of the IISS.

This includes, but not limited to the following;

  1. Members shall exhibit the highest level of integrity and moral character.
  2. Promote the values and image of IISS and adhere to the core tenets of the intelligence and security profession.
  3. Report violations of IISS regulations to the Director, designated Officer or member of the Advisory Council.
  4. Refrain from acts that have the potential to mar the image of the Institute or bring its image into disrepute and reduce public trust and confidence in the Institute, including associating knowingly, with social, business contacts or persons of known criminal records, dishonesty or questionable conduct that has the tendency to lower the image of the Institute in the eyes of the public.
  5. Not engage or involve oneself in partisan political activities, political vigilantism or advocate for or support political activities either through social media, print media, other medium of communication or mounting of political party platforms to solicit or campaign for a political party.
  6. Not engage in unauthorized release or disclosure of information or sensitive intelligence material that compromise national security, intelligence or security operations or on-going criminal investigation.
  7. Not release without authorization, information or sensitive material including official logo, membership records, administrative proceedings, official documents, training materials or any material not meant for public consumption.
  8. Not speak to the media or press in official capacity as employee, volunteer or member of the Institute unless authorized by the Director or a designated officer.
  9. Not purposely provide false or misleading information concerning one’s academic background, experience or professional attainments.
  10. Solicit or accept without authority, gifts, financial or material things in the name of the Institute.
  11. Not enter into an agreement, contract or any contractual relationship with any entity; public or private using the name of IISS without written authorization from the Director or his designated officer.

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