Our Scope of Work

Our Scope of Work

The Institute’s scope is to promote the development of professionalism and professionalization within the fields of intelligence and National Security. 

Its aim is to become a center of excellence and exert strong influence on the development of these disciplines, contributing to the whole spectrum of national security intelligence through research, training, and professional career development.

Within this respect one of the Institute’s basic goals is to develop affiliations with local and international professional institutions and relevant academic departments. To achieve its targets the Institute has drawn together academic staff and practitioners who are international leaders in their respective fields.

As a security think tank, IISS seeks to proactively play a leading role in advancing the course of professionalizing the practice of intelligence and national security in Ghana and beyond with the objective of building confidence and recognized standards of competence and conduct of national security intelligence. The Institute aims to champion the agenda of building highly skilled and trained intelligence and national security professionals for the public good. IISS’s approach is to serve as a center of excellence in intelligence training, education, and research in Ghana and beyond by pursuing and delivering high quality research and training in intelligence and national security through development of contemporary needs-based skills and competency training to intelligence and security professionals.

The increasingly transnational nature of issues related to national security such as terrorism, organized crime, cybercrime, and piracy which could endanger the infrastructure and subsequently the economy of a country and/or public and private entities and the challenge of uncontrolled immigration, have blurred the boundaries between public and national security. These developments have led nations including USA and regional blocks such as the EU, AU, NATO, SADC etc to reconsider their respective policies, adopting to a certain extent the dogma that internal and external security are part of a single whole rather than separate dimensions. Within this respect the Institute for Intelligence and Strategic Security may be among the first non-governmental institutions to put these most significant national security related disciplines of vital importance to the citizen and the state under the same umbrella.

IISS’s efforts are directed at mobilizing and harnessing resources and integrating efforts of all security sector stakeholders to examine contemporary issues and threats to peace and security and develop pragmatic measures to assist governments and implementing agencies to address emerging threats to sub-regional and global peace and security.

The Institute does not engage in espionage, covert, clandestine or subversive activity or any intelligence operation in support of any person or organization both within and outside Ghana in furtherance of the political objective of that person, government or state except research, training, public education, and advocacy in line with applicable domestic and international laws governing the conduct of intelligence and national security affairs and operation of civil society organizations in general. The Institute may however engage in collection and analysis of open-source intelligence (OSINT).

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