Program Areas

To better understand the phenomenon and process in the field of intelligence and national security, it is necessary to collect new knowledge in this field, to constantly carry out the evaluation process and to harmonize theory and practice to acquire theoretical knowledge and skills in practical application. To reach this goal, IISS will develop and implement relevant projects to advance its objectives, outlined above, through a structured plan of action.
This plan is structured along the following interlinked parameters

Research & Analysis

IISS regularly conducts research on intelligence and national security affairs, as they apply to local, regional, and international; it publicizes its efforts online, and through community events and outreach.

Public Education & Advocacy

The Institute organizes seminars, workshops and lectures facilitated by local and international experts, which are designed to advance society’s understanding of the nature of intelligence and the changing security landscape in the 21st century.

Policy Briefs

IISS issues periodicals and policy briefs on pertinent national security issues in Ghana and the sub-region in line with its mandate. It also conducts periodic assessment of the security situation in the sub-region and update national governments and stakeholders of same.

Training & Development

Building capacity of security sector players is critical to IISS’ mandate.

Institute Courses

  • Basic Intelligence Training Course
  • Intelligence Analysis Training Course

Reasearch Areas

Intelligence and Counterintelligence

Intelligence and Counterintelligence

Terrorism and Violent Extremism