Training & Development

Building capacity of security sector players is critical to IISS’ mandate. The Institute shall continue to pursue needs-based training and capacity building of implementing agencies and personnel through comprehensive training programmes to raise the preparedness of security sector actors, communities, and citizens to tackle emerging national security challenges. IISS also continues to build partnerships with national governments, academic institutions, and professional organizations to achieve this objective of promoting education and awareness in intelligence and national security. 

As a leading non-governmental institution dedicated to training and education in intelligence and national security in Ghana, the Institute, in collaboration with other recognized professional and accreditation bodies continues to develop and run professional training courses and programmes for members of the intelligence and national security community. IISS’s training and professional development program is geared towards building competencies in;

  • Intelligence and national security management
  • Counterterrorism
  • Investigation
  • Conflict management
  • Diplomacy and mediation

IISS Courses

  • Basic Intelligence Training Course
  • Intelligence Analysis Training Course
  • National Security Awareness Course
  • Security Investigation Training Course
  • Conflict Analysis Training Course
  • Diplomacy and International Relations Training Course