Prosecute persons involved in leakage of National Security Information-IISS

The Institute for Intelligence and Strategic Security (IISS) has called for investigation and prosecution of persons involved in leakage of intelligence meant to fight against violent extremism and other threats to national security.

In a statement issued by the Institute, it notes that the trend of authorized disclosure of information and intelligence poses threats to national security and charged the Ministry of National Security to bring the culprits to book.

The statement further called for review of the recruitment regime to ensure undesirable elements do not gain entry into the security and intelligence agencies as employment of such persons in sensitive positions endangers national security.

It also advised all citizens and in particular security personnel to guard against unauthorized disclosure of classified information, citing such conduct as offence punishable under Security and Intelligence Agencies Act 2020 (Act 1030).

Full statement below.

Click to read IISS Press Release

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